Nimble gives you the ability to load content (Text, images, embedded video) as well as an accompanying YouTube / Vimeo video and uploaded video.

To do this add/edit a module in the “Modules” section of your admin area. You will then be presented with this section:

You can choose the following:

  • Uploaded video / YouTube or Vimeo AND Content
  • Uploaded video / YouTube or Vimeo ONLY
  • Content ONLY

The highlighted sections above allow you to do the following:

  • Upload – Allows you to upload a video of up to 15MB which users can download and view offline. This will create a player above the content area
  • YouTube/Vimeo – Add an existing YouTube and Vimeo link. This will also create a player above the content area.
  • Content – This can be used with one of the video options above to add the following: (Content area appears below the module area)
    • Text content – type text content, or paste text content into this area, and format with text styles, lists, headings
    • Images – Load images using “Insert > Image” and selecting an existing image. Select the File icon to upload an image into the system.
    • Embedded video – Load a YouTube / Vimeo video using “Insert > Media” and then selecting an uploaded video, or pasting the embed code from YouTube / Vimeo.
    • Click “Save content” when you have completed adding the content.